One Last Time

Earlier tonight, President Obama gave his farewell address. I hope you were able to catch it, but if not here is the video and transcript. From a technical point of view, the speech was, in my opinion, brilliant. Impeccably timed pauses, powerful parallels, diction and word choice that gave me chills. No matter your politics, I think it is fair to say that content-wise the president’s speech was, again, wonderful. Obama recognized the accomplishments and shortcomings of his administration over the past eight years and encouraged us to collectively grow stronger and better as we move forward. He talked about the need for us to celebrate our differences while cooperating with each other – to unify all of a diverse nation. My favorite line was “our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted.” We are stronger together than divided, and better off when actively engaged in how our country functions both domestically and on a global level. My dad preaches that the “government is run by those who show up,” and we need now more than ever for people to be passionate and vocal about the issues they find important. As we settle into 2017, I hope you can add advocating for what matters to you to your New Year’s Resolutions – there’s no time like the present. I hope, too, that you keep it going for the rest of your life; this is our civic duty, not just something you do once in a while.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Women in History Crush Wednesday post. Be heard!


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