Debate Dates

Tomorrow night, the GOP will be holding their second debate. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tune in, but hopefully I’ll be able to watch and write about it this weekend or at some point next week. If you have to time to watch it live or even later, please do! Primaries start in about five months and the final election is in a little over a year – stay informed!

Here are the upcoming dates as they are currently scheduled – they may changed, added to, or cancelled. I’ll try to keep you updated as things get moved around. For your viewing pleasure:

September 16 (GOP)
October 13 (Democratic)
October 28 (GOP)
November 14 (Democratic)
December 15 (GOP)
December 19 (Democratic)
January 17 (Democratic)
February 6 (GOP)
February 13 (GOP)
February 26 (GOP)
March 10 (GOP)
I hope you can watch tomorrow’s debate; it’ll be broadcast on CNN starting at 7:00CT. Happy watching, be heard!

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