First GOP Debate Thoughts

The first GOP Debate of the season is over, and all I can say is WOW. While there were moments of rational conversation, the majority of the broadcast came across as a glorified pissing contest – lots of “I’m the only one up here who ________” and low jabs at each other. Leading topics included illegal immigration, Obamacare, foreign affairs (specifically dealing with Iran), abortion and the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and economic reform.

In my opinion, Chris Christie and Ben Carson, though they didn’t speak as much as some of the other candidates, did the best by remaining focused on reforming American policies for a better future without blaming or insulting others.

Donald Trump, per usual in his recent interviews, often put his foot in his mouth, at one point arguing for reform in legislation on domestic business and taxes by saying that he successfully took advantage of American laws four times in the past. The mediators at multiple times looked exasperated or offended by Trump’s responses to their questions, but given what he said I think they’re completely justified.

There was a tense moment when Christie and Rand Paul got into a heated argument about the privacy of American citizens; Christie expressed that he’s pro-PATRIOT ACT because of his experiences with the 9/11 terrorist attack while Paul said that the 4th Amendment protects Americans and that only terrorists should be tracked and recorded, to which Christie retorted “How do you know who is or isn’t a terrorist?” The argument didn’t conclude so much as get cut off in order to continue questioning the other candidates.

The debate was ended with statements meant to wrap up each candidate’s campaign message as well as relate God to each’s platform, which I think is somewhat uncalled for in the name of separation of state and church, but that’s a conversation for another time… In the end, all the candidates wished to change our current governing system to create a stronger America to lead the world of tomorrow.

Those are my basic thoughts about and the highlights of the debate, which, if you missed it, can be watched here. The next GOP debate is scheduled for September 16th, and the first debate for the Democratic Party is set for October 13th. Again, I encourage all of you to tune in to both.

Be heard!

One thought on “First GOP Debate Thoughts

  1. Good thoughts. Dead on in regards to Trump. I only caught the last half of it, but was frustrated the moderator was not equitable to all the candidates in the number of questions or time given.


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