Houston Feels the Bern

Last night, I went to Bernie Sanders’ candidacy event at the UH campus. I know it sounds crazy – a democratic candidate making a stop in an extremely republican state. But the crowd was unbelievable! The seats were packed with at least 5,000 enthusiastic Houstonians, and there was hardly a moment that passed that wasn’t filled with chanting and cheering. People were authentically interested in every word Sanders said. And his support didn’t come from a select few demographics; people of every race, age, and economic level could be found.

Houston Feels the Bern

In a time where it’s easy to be disappointed or disenchanted about American politics, Sanders shows a light of progressivism and rationality that really brings hope to this next election. While he spoke genuinely about a broad range of topics, his care and attention focused on a few things:

election corruption
wage gaps
social justice
health care
environmental care

Sanders wants to again make the government a system by the people, for the people, of the people. He isn’t looking at simply the small picture – he’s thinking about the future of our country. As an American youth getting ready to enter the world of college and adulthood, his views and ideas sound extremely beneficial to all walks of life, and seem like a great way to build tomorrow’s booming America.

I’m glad I was able to attend Sanders’ event. I left knowing what he stands for and what he plans to do with the presidency. I left knowing that he isn’t driven by funding but rather passion for the American people. I left knowing that he cares about tomorrow enough to change what’s happening today.

If you’re interested in exactly what Bernie Sanders said, Daily Kos member leu2500 did a great livefeed/liveblog here and YouTuber n8glenn put up a nice video here! And if you want more general info about Sanders himself, visit his campaign website!

Thanks for reading! Be heard!

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